Tired of getting those unwanted: "We've been trying to reach you regarding your car's warranty..." calls??? Yeah me too!!!  Well it's time to fight back and let everyone know that WE KNOW their tactics with our "EXTENDED WARRAN-TEASE" Edition of custom designed T-Shirts and Mugs! Available in 22 different colors and 8 sizes (S-5XL). Choose from any of our designs:

  1. "But they said they were extending my car's warranty???"
  2. "I thought I was extending my car's warranty... but all I got was this lousy T-Shirt (Mug)!"
  3. "So... how's that extended warranty workin' out for ya?"

Or you can customize your own EXTENDED WARRAN-TEASE Merch by using YOUR own name, message/phrase, pic or personal business logo. Just send an email to: customorders@ohhowfunnymerch.com and we will respond with ordering instructions.