Whoah! This Funny Bunny seems to be overprotective of something!? Is it those colorful Easter Eggs? Is it that pretty little Bunny behind him? Or is it his glistening Lucky Rabbit's Foot???!!! I guess you'll have to find out with our "HOLLA-DAYS - EASTER" Collection of T-Shirts, Mugs, and Pillows! Available in 22 different colors and 8 sizes (S-5XL). Choose from the design listed below:

1. "HAPPY EASTER! (...and don't even THINK about it!)"

    Or you can customize your HOLLA-DAYS - EASTER Merch by using YOUR own name, message/phrase, pic or personal business logo. Just send an email to:  customorders@ohhowfunnymerch.com and we will respond with ordering instructions.