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Have you ever thought of something funny that you wanted to say, but were too afraid to say it??? Well don't worry because WE'LL SAY IT FOR YOU! We have a large selection of custom created and designed funny, entertaining and sometimes "impolitely informative" T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Hats, Mugs, Pillows and Tote Bags!

Check-out our collections that we have created... like our "HOLLA-DAYS" collection that features different whimsical designs for every holiday or our "NOT TODAY KAREN!" collection which puts all those "KAREN'S" out there in their place! We even offer exclusive custom designed Merch for non-profit groups and small businesses that can be listed on our site as well (Please contact us if you would like more information).

Every item is totally customizable, so if you don't like a certain word, it's OUTTA HERE! Don't like the color scheme, we'll splash on some more paint! We can also custom create Merch with any name, phrase, message, or personal business logo that you want to use. Just email us at: customorders@ohhowfunnymerch.com and we will respond with ordering instructions.

Feel free to browse all of our collections and see all the funny phrases and designs that you can share with your family, friends, and colleagues. We are constantly adding NEW Collections and Merch so be sure to enter you email address in the "BE THE FIRST TO KNOW" box down below so you'll be notified the SECOND we drop NEW MERCH! So go ahead and grab some of our Merch today so you too can hear people say, "OH HOW FUNNY!"


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*All merchandise seen/sold here on the OH HOW FUNNY!™ - Custom Merch website is printed and shipped in the U.S.A.*